DO install a smoke detector on every level.
DO plan your escape routes in case fire does strike.


  • DON'T smoke in bed
  • DON'T place heaters within 3 feet of flammable materials.
  • DON'T use heaters to dry clothes.
  • DON'T use extension cords with portable heaters.
  • DON'T leave heaters unattended or sleep while they are on.
  • DO unplug heaters after you turn them off.

Living / Family Room

  • DON'T put ashtrays on chairs or sofa arms.
  • DON'T staple electrical cords to walls or otherwise pierce the insulation.
  • DON'T leave unattended cigarettes burning in ash trays.
  • DON'T run electrical cord under rugs, over nails or in high traffic area's.
  • DO clean chimneys yearly.


  • DON'T leave food unattended on the stove. If you must leave the kitchen, take a utensil along as a reminder.
  • DON'T cook while wearing sleeves that can dangle near burners.
  • DON'T let crumbs build up in toasters.
  • DON'T overload electrical outlets with appliances.
  • DON'T let curtains hang near your range.
  • DO check the kitchen before bed. Oven off? Coffee pot unplugged?

General Safety
SMOKE DETECTORS placed near bedrooms and on every level.
SMOKE DETECTORS' batteries checked monthly.
Doors, hallways and stairs clear of obstructions.

Electrical Safety

  • No flammable materials (such as furniture, clothes, curtains or towels) within 3 feet of space heaters or stoves.
  • No flammable liquids stored near ignition sources.
  • No frayed or cracked electrical cords.
  • No electrical cords under rugs, over nails or in high traffic areas.
  • All fuses in fuse box are correct size.
  • All outlets have cover plates and no exposed wiring.

Alternate Heater Safety

  • Plug heaters directly into the wall socket and unplug when not in use.
  • No alternate heaters placed where they can be knocked over.

Kitchen Safety

  • No small pans on large burners or large pans on small burners.
  • Dish towels not used as potholders.
  • Turn pot handles away from the front of stoves.

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